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Fostering Early Intelligence

The Playful Program
  • The Playful Program
  • The Educational Program
  • The Playful Program
for children's development.
0-3 years

Structured curriculum that includes age-appropriate activities, games, and resources designed to foster and enhance a child’s core skills.

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Streamlined Online Purchase

Streamlined Online Purchase

Customize your selection by entering your child’s date of birth, and select your payment plan.

Hassle-Free Monthly Deliveries

Hassle-Free Monthly Deliveries

EarlyLearny sets will be delivered to your address every month, completely free of charge.

Fun in Learning

Fun in Learning

Let your child enjoy learning with our engaging EarlyLearny sets, expertly designed for their development.

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What is EarlyLearny and Why?

EarlyLearny is a monthly educational program and set of materials designed to support the holistic development of babies and toddlers, aged 9 to 36 months. Created by a team of doctors, psychologists and educators and awarded illustrators.

Strengthens bonds

Strengthens bonds within the family, which develops trust and self-esteem.

Enhances social skills

Enhances social skills, concentration, creativity, and multiple intelligences

Empowers parents

Empowers parents with knowledge and instructions

Helps build smart

Helps build smart, successful, and happy children


EarlyLearny is a game-changer for early childhood education. The platform's interactive activities make learning fun and effective. My child's progress has been remarkable, thanks to the learning paths and engaging content. I highly recommend EarlyLearny to any parent looking for an exceptional educational platform for their child.

Richard T.

I came to appreciate the impact of EarlyLearny when my daughter Olivia began kindergarten. Her teachers were amazed by her advanced progress compared to her peers and questioned what I did differently in her development. Reflecting back, I realized that EarlyLearny played a significant role. It's been instrumental in preparing her, and I'm grateful for the head start it provided. Thank you!

J. Adams

After 4 months of subscribing to EarlyLearny, my son started like it and now he eagerly awaits each month's new sets. Going through the books together became a cherished and enjoyable time for us. We absolutely loved it!

Charlotte W.