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Fostering Early Intelligence

What is EarlyLearny?

EarlyLearny is a monthly educational program and set of materials designed to support the holistic development of babies and toddlers, aged 9 to 36 months.

It offers a structured curriculum that includes age-appropriate activities, games, and resources to promote cognitive, speech and language, physical, social, and emotional development in children during their early years.

EarlyLearny sets are created by a team of experts and delivered to subscribers on a monthly basis, making it a valuable resource for parents, caregivers, and educators who want to provide a fun and educational learning experience for young children.

what is earlylearny

What does each set provide?

Every EarlyLearny set includes :

  • An engaging interactive monthly book filled with activities for you and your child to enjoy together,
  • A convenient tracking table to monitor your child's progress,
  • All the necessary tools to complete the activities, and your child to play separately,
  • A special reading book designed for your child's age and development.(Please note: Story books are included for ages 9-24 months only.)
Home Sweet Home
Its my birthday
Exploring the kitchen


Holistic Development:

Promote the development of intelligence, cognition, speech and language, physical skills, and social and emotional interaction in young children.

Scientific Foundation:

Grounded in knowledge, science, and various educational methods, incorporating the latest research.

Engaging Content:

Features beloved characters and specially designed illustrations to make learning fun and engaging for children.

Playful Learning:

Emphasizes learning through play, a highly effective and enjoyable way for children to acquire skills and knowledge.

Parental Guidance:

Provides clear activity descriptions, benefits, and practical usage instructions for parents, empowering them to support their child’s development.

Unique Approach:

Stands out as a unique and effective tool for child development over 15 years of experience.

Long-Term Impact:

Aids in building smart, successful, and happy children, strengthening family bonds, and preparing children for school and new environments.

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What is EarlyLearny?