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Fostering Early Intelligence

Frequently Asked Questions

The program includes a variety of month-appropriate activities, games, books, and resources that are specifically designed to stimulate various developmental areas in children. These activities focus on cognitive development, speech and language, physical exercises, social skills, and emotional growth.

Yes, EarlyLearny is crafted by a team of doctors, psychologists and educators in child development. The program's content is grounded in scientific educational research and tailored to meet developmental milestones.

Doing the sets consecutively has tremendous benefits, but the main ones are:

  • Helps the brain development (multiple intelligence) in all areas
  • Strengthening bonds within the family,
  • Enhancing social skills, concentration, and creativity,
  • Promoting an interest in books and sensory development,
  • Empowering parents with knowledge and instructions,
  • Preparing children for new challenges, and thus