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Fostering Early Intelligence

23rd Month I Can Help

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23rd Month I Can Help

The focus of the 23rd-month set revolves around the delight of assisting, signaling a child's growing independence and competency. Engaging the child in household tasks and responsibilities in a fun manner helps nurture a sense of self-assurance and motivation. Success in these activities instills confidence and encourages the child to persevere and try again, even if the task isn't mastered perfectly on the first attempt.

Materials and care: Water-based non-toxic paint and finishes

Frequently Asked Questions

EarlyLearny is a monthly educational program and set of materials designed to support the holistic development of infants and toddlers between 9 to 36 months of age. It offers age-appropriate activities and resources to promote various developmental aspects in young children.

Development during pregnancy and the first years of life shapes the architecture of a child's growing brain. During this time, foundations are laid which will ultimately influence their education, physical and mental health, and their eventual career and lifelong wellbeing . This phase is crucial for shaping lifelong health and happiness. Investing during this age period yields an 80% higher return compared to educating them in later years. (Source: Heckman)

Subscribers receive monthly/quarterly package(s) containing educational materials and activities specifically curated for the child's developmental stage. These materials aim to enhance cognitive, speech and language, physical, social, and emotional growth.