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Fostering Early Intelligence

About Us

Based in London, UK, EarlyLearny's mission is to empower the parents with the tools and resources needed to foster holistic child development, nurture family bonds, and prepare children for a successful future.


Since 2005, EarlyLearny Group has been actively involved in the publishing industry, collaborating with an extensive global network of educators, medical professionals, child psychologists, and highly acclaimed illustrators.

In 2009, EarlyLearny developmental program began its outreach to parents by introducing the development sets. To date, it has successfully distributed over 1 Million development sets worldwide, engaging and supporting families in nurturing their children's early development.

Having participated in global toy fairs, book fairs, and baby shows, consistently garnering significant attention, EarlyLearny has experienced continuous growth.

Has offices/distributors and operations in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, UAE and in Turkey.

We aim to broaden our global reach by expanding our product and language offerings. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at